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We are at a turning point. If action is taken to substantially reduce the damage we are doing to our environment, then millions of lives are likely to be saved. If we don't, as usual, the most vulnerable will be the least protected. Past actions mean that anthropogenic climate change is now inevitable, but the extent and the speed of the change depend on what we do now.

The song is sung from the point of view of someone in the future regretting the changes that we didn't make.

All proceeds from sales of this single via Bandcamp until at least the end of 2024 will be donated to our Prog The Forest fundraising (which donates to the World Land Trust, to support their work buying threatened habitat to put into protective trusts in collaboration with local communities).


There’s unbroken sea
Where an island used to be
The coral bleached
The sandbags breached, long ago

The desert is winning
The forest is thinning
The rain that used to fall
Now floods or not at all
And not much in between

We could have made
But it’s easier to break
We could have tried
But it’s easier to fake
We could have taken care

We could have cared
Just enough to give ourselves a chance
But it’s easier to fail
We never learned to change

All the things we could have done, and we chose to burn the world

So many chances slip
And so many of us wait
For someone else to blink
For someone else to make the change
While we drift

So much life to live
And so much life to save
From ourselves, but we threw it all away
What have we left for you?


released May 13, 2023
Music by Malcolm Galloway, Mark Gatland
Lyrics by Malcolm Galloway

Malcolm Galloway - vocals, lead guitar, synths, programming, additional drums, producer

Mark Gatland - bass, keyboards, additional guitars, co-producer, vocal engineer

Written 2022, recorded 2022/3 in London, UK

Artwork by Malcolm Galloway using DALLE (AI art)
UPC - 198025264368


all rights reserved



Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate London, UK

Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate are Malcolm Galloway and Mark Gatland on their own or with Kathryn Thomas (flute).

They combine prog/alt-rock, funk, metal, ambient, contemporary classical, minimalist, and electronica elements, and often explore scientific themes.

Hard Rock Hell magazine -unlikely stars who stole the show’

Recommended by Steve Hackett

Beasties Rock Show's Album Of The Year
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