Nostalgia For Infinity

by Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

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Prog Magazine Limelight featured artists Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate's 5th album, Nostalgia For Infinity.

The theme of the album is the frailty of civilisation, from a variety of perspectives, including 7 tracks inspired by the science fiction novels of author and former astrophysicist Alastair Reynolds, and others relating to nanotechnology, the Second World War, and environmental destruction.

The album is broadly within the genre of progressive rock, but includes elements of classical music, minimalism, electronic music, funk, and metal.

Cover art by Mrs White Photoart
Music copyright Glass Castle Recordings / Malcolm Galloway / Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate 2020.


releases May 6, 2020

Album produced by Malcolm Galloway, co-produced by Mark Gatland Music written by -
Tracks 1,2,10,11 - Malcolm Galloway, Mark Gatland, Kathryn Thomas Tracks 3-6,8,12 - Malcolm Galloway, Mark Gatland
Track 7 - Malcolm Galloway
Track 9 - Malcolm Galloway and Kathryn Thomas
Lyrics by Malcolm Galloway

Malcolm Galloway - vocals, guitar, keyboards/synths, programming.
Mark Gatland - bass guitar, additional guitars, keyboards/synths, Chapman Stick.
Kathryn Thomas - flute (tracks 1,2,9-11), vocals (track 10)

Cover art by Mrs White Photoart
Music copyright Glass Castle Recordings / Malcolm Galloway / Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate 2020.


all rights reserved



Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate London, UK

Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate are Malcolm Galloway and Mark Gatland on their own or with Kathryn Thomas (flute).

They combine prog/alt-rock, funk, metal, ambient, contemporary classical, minimalist, and electronica elements, and often explore scientific themes.

Hard Rock Hell magazine -unlikely stars who stole the show’

Recommended by Steve Hackett

Beasties Rock Show's Album Of The Year
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Track Name: Century Rain
Century Rain

I walked away.
Left him in the gutter with his pamphlet crumpled.
The old me might have tried.
But I was tired...

Your sister didn’t come home.
Another loss in a world of plenty.
The strange collector, with her modified receiver.
One more, one more.

Hidden in the grooves, hidden in the bootlegs
Flooded with fakes, complex encryption
Hard echo countdown delivery systems
Storm of numbers flooding my head.
Fatal permutations, sabotage and triple agents
Sirens call the century rain.

You showed me distorted stars.
Paris under ice.
The frozen Seine, the silent vein,
I’m dead in your world.

Pont Neuf and Notre Damme.
Dinner on the Eiffel tower, in your strange world.
But something went wrong with the clouds tonight.

When we forget that we were almost the same.
Then each time it happens, it happens again.
We’ll be frozen, frozen beneath the century rain.
We were washed away, in the century rain.
It comes around again, again, over and over,
We never learn.
Again, again, again.
Track Name: Twin Earth
Twin Earth

I landed on the sloping tower
Through the twisted iron and awkward angles.
I watched the glacial war,
The furies and the ice wall.

Something went wrong with the clouds tonight.
The shapes are changing, the colours shifted.
The lightening spits, splits and fits the return.

Something went wrong with the sky tonight.
Something set the clouds alight, again, I suppose we were to blame.
Track Name: Ark
Track Name: Nanobotoma

With retrospectoscope in hand
It may seem obvious now
But remember I was dying at the time
And that can be quite distracting

Was I supposed to know they’d learn to fly on breath?
That my machines could escape the quarantine

These tiny machines, spreading through me, dividing me.
These tiny machines, spreading through me.
Supposed to be saving me.

The cancer hunters spread
I’ve not felt like this for years
Small victories heap, the pile becomes a turning tide

I don’t mention the sparkle in the spit, that I flush down the sink.
I hide the silver fleck just beneath the skin, I don’t want to give in.

These tiny machines, spreading through me, dividing in me.
These tiny machines, spreading through me, dividing me.

Out of control, regulation disengaged.
No thought for the whole, you evolved, became worse than the disease.
I should have clamped down on the hope.
I can’t stand the isolation. I need someone to hold.
Track Name: Chasing Neon
Track Name: Glitterband

Glitterband to rust belt, when the plague came
Tore apart the orbital canopy.
Ten thousand ways to live,
Now all that glittered is just a stain,
All that remains of our sanctary.

Glitterband to rustbelt, we fight in the dirt
Always alert for the shadows hiding,
The knife in the back, we kill for scraps, hunted for sport, by the rich and the bored.

Glitterband to rust belt,
The majesty, the worlds of light suffocated.
The night sky darker than it’s been for centuries, at the interface smothered where the plague propagated.
Glitterband to rust belt, where we connected our minds we find our vulnerability.
We let the virus in, and let it depose
The cores and polls and roles of connected humanity.

Glitterband to rust belt, the Belle Époque has been and gone, Machines in our heads withdrawn.
Lost inside where we used to decide what was going on,
Protected by Panoply.

Glitterband to rust belt, my world shrinks,
Disconnected, unable to feel so I fear.
The minds around me, cannot find me.
I shrink the, the empathy radius.

Glitterband to rust belt,
The jewels in the sky die,
Plague spread Nothing we could do
To stop the advance.
The dance of the metal and flesh. Into each head creep
The tiny machines
Patiently infiltrate the interface
Between you and me,
The inorganic, changing, melding, rearranging,
Creeping death of our connected fantasy.
Track Name: Conjoiners
Track Name: Scorpio
Track Name: Inhibitors
Track Name: Nostalgia For Infinity
Nostalgia For Infinity

You don’t like what you’ve done,
And I don’t like what you’ve done,
But we don’t get to choose who we become.

You don’t want to know what you could do,
You’d keep yourself to ghosts if you could,
Chose to come to life what could you do?

Nostalgia For Infinity, look at you.

The dripping walls are listening in,
I know you’re there,
You’re showing me,
There’s a part of you that still wants to be seen.

It won’t make me forgive you, it’s not up to me to forgive you,
But there’s no redemption anyway for anyone
We’re all flawed all broken, I’m sorry if you don’t approve,
But I did what I thought I had to do, I let you thaw and spread
Don’t now withdraw, I’m talking to you.

Nostalgia for Infinity, look at you.
Track Name: Voyager
Track Name: Sixth Extinction
Sixth Extinction

The last five times you scraped through
Right place, right time, convenient bodyplan.
A bit of luck with the winning streak stretch.

It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s not yet too late.
We could choose to change, if we could choose to change.
Don’t have to throw this all away, it’s not yet too late.
We’ve not yet completed,
The 6th extinction.

Pat on the back, well done your alive,
Let’s have prizes for all the survivors.
Almost everything that’s lived has died, but you’re still here.
Some runners up are stuffed in a glass case.
Others burn and rise through the chimney stacks,
Delayed attack, boiling the survivors,
Petrified consolation prize.

Five times before you’ve come close to the edge,
On the cliff sat watching the world burn.
Gold star for making it so far.
Five times before you’ve had the benefit but not been the cause.
You’ve been the witness, then seen your line explode,
But this time there’s blood on your paws.

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